Week 2 Bus 210 Essay

Advancement of



Resource: Ch. 2 of Introduction to Organization

Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing the evolution of business.

Include information about the following points:

 Feudalism

 Mercantilism

 Capitalism

 Trade

 Property legal rights

 The Industrial Wave

Offer examples and appropriate images to illustrate each stage of organization.

Incorporate detailed audio notes, a title go, and a great APA reference slide.

Day six 100

IN the beginning

People occupied small villages

Farmers grew crops

Shared resources and profits

persons exchanged pertaining to other good or providers without using money.


The major social program in middle ages Europe, in which land naturally by the Top to the nobility was in switch held simply by vassals and worked.

Kings and a queen



Monarchs delegated resource

Kings and a queen




Farmers made tiny profits

improved motivation

Tenants farming started out

Feudalism systme started to go down

Problems started out over profits

Wars had been very common

Persons wanted more land more resources


Global trading of products

Obtained capital financed trading

buy low, offer high

bank became a respected organization

Property legal rights

money improves profitablitly

creates new types of business opportunities

capital investments


private properties become lively

private development, trade and distribution

Transact union lobbied on behalf of it is member





Comerce brings big changes

labor land

capital enterprise


Revolution in farming

steam engines increase productivity

workers displaced

prevalent land was taken back again

immigration was on the rise.

Money to be made

aristocrat no longer had electrical power

people made their own thousands

business remains booming


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