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The current scenario confronting Dr Schramm is challenging. Schramm will need to address several problems including piracy of Volvo music possessions, organisational composition and artist management plans. However , the problem that arguably will impact Sony's performance longer term is definitely how they manage the challenges and options presented simply by digital music distribution.

Legal digital music distribution pledges a very low cost way of selling music to consumers. If perhaps Sony Music was able to control the entire supply chain, coming from artist immediate to consumer, the currently considerable options presented by simply digital circulation would be elevated.

Problem Examination

Sony Indonesia has just skilled a doze. 7% along with sales, relatively from the expanding problem of on-line piracy. Why have they encountered this problem? Are they conditions that could be foreseeable or preventable? Peter Drucker developed a concept of ‘Five Deadly Organization Sins' that ought to be avoided. Using this framework, we may be able to examine what moved wrong and exactly how repeating these kinds of sins can be avoided down the road regarding digital music syndication.

Peter Drucker's Five Deadly Business Sins

Some of Drucker's theories may not be applicable to businesses of varying sizes and conditions but in the case they offer a fantastic indicator with the source of several current problems that have the potential to get bigger down the road. While they illuminate some of the problems facing Sony, this analysis also proves useful in suggesting some directions for future years.

- ‘The worship an excellent source of profit margins and premium prices' It is quite possible that Sony's approach to both COMPACT DISK pricing and on-line music pricing does this sin. CD prices have continued to be the same in the face of competing goods such as Dvd disks and video gaming that debatably have a superior benefit proposition to music in the perceptions of some buyers. (see discourse on value task below) In case the DVD and video game marketplaces continue to increase, with no in order to the price of music, we could reasonably expect a sales fall to continue. (even accounting for the have an effect on of piracy) Additionally Sony mis-priced their initial DRK07005 Page four of 13

digital offering pressplay™, being a subscription assistance that demonstrated very unpopular when compared with the 99c price point established by Apple iTunes. - ‘Charging for brand spanking new products the particular market is going to bear'

In a similar fashion that Volvo may have got overcharged for their traditional music product, the CD, Volvo may also be element of a system that might overcharges pertaining to digitally sent out music. When 99c downloading from iTunes may represent good value compared to CD public, some digital albums are priced more than their COMPACT DISK counterparts, as the record businesses are entertaining raising the price of public to $1. 25 as well as up to $2. 49. (Wired, 8 The spring 2004) This can be arguably doing the desprovisto of worshipping premium prices, but almost certainly indicates a cost that the market would carry. It would on the other hand be probably sacrificing the expansion of the electronically distributed market.

- ‘Cost-driven pricing'

Again related to these sins, the major record businesses are arguable doing this by simply pricing digital downloads in accordance with CD produces. CD costs, as demonstrated in Demonstrate 12 of the case, includes covering costs just like manufacturing, syndication, rent and retail sales staff costs that do not really apply to the digital syndication model. - ‘Slaughtering tomorrow's opportunities within the altar of yesterday' Fiat, and indeed the background music industry at large seem to be doing this sin. It appears that the industry has been focused at improving slipping CD revenue while largely ignoring the ability presented by simply digital syndication. While the number of individuals downloading fake files on the internet was developing enormously, the majors simply saw this in terms of a great illegal activity. They would had been better offered if that they recognised this kind of as a...

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