Tobacco Record Essay

TOBACCO – History

TOBACCO is a grow native to the Americas and historically one of many half-dozen most significant crops cultivated by American farmers. Specifically, tobacco identifies any of various plants in the genus Nicotiana, (especially D. tabacum) local to warm America and widely grown for their leaves, which are dried out and refined chiefly to get smoking in pipes, smoking cigarettes, and lighters; it is also cut to form nibbling tobacco or perhaps ground to generate snuff or dipping smoking cigarettes, as well as other significantly less common formulations. Tobacco can be an agricultural commodity product, similar in economic terms to farming foodstuffs: the price is in component determined by plants yields, which in turn vary depending on local weather circumstances. The price likewise varies by specific varieties grown, the entire quantity in the marketplace ready for sales, the area in which it was produced, the health of the plants, and other characteristics specific to product quality CHRONOLOGICAL FACTS


Captain christopher Columbus fantastic crew delivered to Europe from the Unites states with the initial tobacco leaves and seed ever noticed on the continent. A staff member, Rodrigo de Jerez, was found smoking and imprisoned by the Inquisition, which will believed he was possessed by devil. Early on 1500s

Middle East, Tobacco introduced if the Turks took it to Egypt. 1530–1600

China, Cigarettes introduced through Japan and also the Philippines.


Europe, Cigarettes plant taken to Europe. Attempts at farming failed. 1560

Africa, Portuguese and The spanish language traders launched tobacco to Africa. 1592–1598

Korea, Japan Army launched tobacco in to Korea.


CIRCA 1600

India, Cigarette first presented.


Asia Use of tobacco well-established


South Africa Euro settlers grew tobacco and used it as a form of money. 1700s

Africa/Americas African slaves forced to work in tobacco areas 1833

UK, Phosphorus scrubbing matches introduced on a commercial scale, producing smoking even more...


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