Things Fall Apart Essay

Things Break apart


Chinua Achebe

First released: 1958

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Table of Contents

Literary Elements

• Setting�

• List of Characters�

• Conflict�

• Short Section Summary (Synopsis)�

• Themes�

• Mood�

• Chinua Achebe - Biography

• Literary Details

• Historical Information�

Chapter Summaries with Notes / Evaluation

Part One particular

• Chapter you

• Chapter 2�

• Chapter several

• Chapter 4

• Chapter 5

• Chapter 6

• Chapter several

• Chapter eight

• Chapter on the lookout for

• Chapter twelve

• Chapter 10

• Chapter doze

• Chapter 13�

Part Two

• Chapter 13

• Chapter 15

• Chapter 18

• Chapter 17

• Chapter 18

• Chapter nineteen

Part 3

• Chapter 20

• Chapter twenty-one

• Chapter twenty-two

• Chapter 3

• Chapter twenty four

• Chapter 25

Overall Analysis�

• Character Analysis�

• Plot Composition Analysis

• Themes - Motif Analysis

• The Tragic Flaws of Okonkwo

• The Existence of the Tribe



The novel is defined during the past due 1800s/early 1900s in a small village called Umuofia situated in the southeastern component to Nigeria. The timeframe is important, when it was a period in colonial history when the British were increasing their effect in The african continent, economically, widely, and politically. Umuofia is an Igbo village with very well defined traditions. This can be a village that is respected simply by those around it as being powerful and rich. Each individual has a hut or obi that is situated in the center of your compound. Each of the wives includes a separate obi with a shed pertaining to goats and an fastened chicken coop. The key occupation of the men is usually sowing and growing yams since yams are considered the most crucial crop. The ladies grew less significant vegetation like coco-yams, beans and cassava. When Okonkwo can be banished via his small town, he requires his friends and family to his mother's local village named Mbanta, where he is given 2 or 3 plots of land to farm, and a plan of surface on which to generate his mixture. The next eight years of Okonkwo's life will be spent inside the village of Mbanta. That's exactly what returns to Umuofia where the rest of the book takes place.


Significant Characters


The hardy and focused leader of the Igbo community. He is a farmer in addition to a wrestler, who have earned popularity and helped bring honor to his town by overthrowing Amalinze within a wrestling tournament. Still only in his thirties, he features three wives or girlfriends and several children who every live in their own homes in his village chemical substance. Okonkwo provides resolved to erase the stigma remaining on him by his father's laziness and is extremely successful developing yams. He has very secure economic and political ties to the town and is cared for with admiration and value. Okonkwo can be described as man of action. Obierika

Okonkwo's close friend, he will help him while using crops during his period of exile, and keeps him informed of the radical improvements taking place in the village. He's a thoughtful man, who questions the traditions of society. He can also Maduka and Ekuke's father. Ekwefi

Okonkwo's second wife, the girl with the mother of Ezinma, her just living child, whom she will do anything for even if this means defying tradition. Ezinma�

Ekwefi and Okonkwo's daughter, she actually is born following many miscarriages and is liked and special by her mother. She gets a special romance with Chielo, the woman who also acts as the voice of Agbala, the Oracle. Okonkwo is attached to her and quite often wishes that ‘she had been a boy. ' Nwoye

Okonkwo's son coming from his first wife. He's a hypersensitive young man who also, much to his dad's dismay, joins the Christian missionaries. Ikemefuna�

A boy who will be bought because hostage via Mbaino, and who lives with Okonkwo for three years. He is a clever and practical young man however comes to a regrettable end. Chielo�

The priestess of Agbala, the Oracle of the Slopes and Grotte, who holds Ezinma on her back to the...


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