The Chrysalids: Uncle Axle Character Design Essay

In the story The Chrysalids, Axel Strorm—David Strorm's Uncle—is described as " a cripple. " (24). They are in Waknuk, Labrador; a

community with extremely unique and bizarre laws and religions. As you read through chapters 1-8 you see his traits prevail. You also learn that

David recognizes his Uncle as a good friend and a task model instead of just a relative. " …because he was Dad Axel and my best friend among the list of

grown-ups. " (30) Additionally you get the perception that David almost feels as if his Uncle is the only encouraging, understanding, reasonable, and open-

minded member in his family.

Axel shows that he is very reliable when David first understands that he might be a deviation and goes to speak to him. " I want you to

promise me that you will not, never inform any one otherwise what you have told me -- never" (30) David made a decision to tell his Uncle about his

telepathy over anyone else as they knows that anyone else but his Uncle will charge him for blasphemy and turn him in, actually his individual

father—who is the towns priest. With this community, you could be charged simply for knowing about a deviation and reporting this, which gives Axel

another reason to continue to keep it a secret.

You could discover Axel as logical and adventurous if he spoke to David regarding the Blacklands and his escapades travelling the

ocean. He trips to locations people could describe as " a strange, evil land" (59) This individual knew many techniques from " how you can reach all of those other

world" (58) about what people from different places looked like. Axel also observed " corn growing above small trees…fungus colonies that you'd

take first for big light boulders" (59) and communities where " they all possess white curly hair and pink eyes. " (62) He explains to David that

you will discover places that " you will find Deviations who think they're normal. " (62) and " wherever they do include a sense of bad thing, they've got this mixed

up. " (62) Axel has viewed the world and decides to share his know-how with David...


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