The Resource of Mona Fendi: Malaysia’s Cruelest Murderer Essay


Fadhirul Shahira binti Zainal Abidin

BM232 3A

Subject: The history of Mona Fendi

General Purpose: To see the audience

Particular Purpose: To share with my market about a history of Cogorza Fendi, the cruelest murderer in Malaysia.

Thesis Statement: There are three main points that I want to talk about which are her background, the crime, and Mona's fatality.


Attention Getter: Show some photographs and online video of Cogorza Fendi.

Trustworthiness Statement: Perhaps one of the most sensational and unusual circumstances of modern moments in the China reached the conclusion on 2nd The fall of 2001 when ever Mona Fendi, her hubby Mohd Affandi Abdul Rahman, and their assistant, Juraimi Hussin, were hanged at Malaysia's Kajang Jail on the borders of Kuala Lumpur.

Survey: There are 3 main points that we want to talk about which are her background, the crime, and Mona's death.

Transition: Discussing look at my personal first point.


Key Point one particular: There is some background information about Mona Fendi.

Sub Stage 1: Mona's real term is Maznah Ismail. Her husband brand is Mohd Affandi Abdul Rahman. She has one child, and two stepsons.

Subwoofer Point 2: She got her industrial name when ever she performed as a put singer and water entracte dancer in her youthful days.

Subwoofer Point a few: She and her hubby also made a living because witch doctors and had been known regionally as " bomoh”.

Move: Then, a few move on to my personal second level.

Main Stage 2: She was offender to be accountable for the getting rid of of Datuk Mazlan Idris, Batu Talam state assemblyman.

Sub Stage 1: In July 1993, an assemblyman for central Pahang express, В DatukВ MazlanВ Idris, got approached Borrachera for unnatural help to boost his personal career and climb the party corporate.

Sub Stage 2: Having been persuaded by couple to join a ritual in which he was to place on the floor with his eyes shut waiting for the money to " fall from the sky. "

Sub Point 3: Datuk MazlanВ was decapitated and...


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