Essay about Sample Seminar Outline

п»їSubmission particular date: 11/6/2014

Test Seminar Format

I. Seminar topic and subtopics


The negative effects of showing private information and opinions on social networking sites Subtopic:

1 . Launch: The personal level of private information in different online communities 2 . The potential risks of sharing private information on the internet

several. The risks of sharing personal comments on the internet

5. Possible Alternatives: Things to do which can help avoid adverse impacts when you use social networking sites. 5. Conclusion: My estimation

II. Learning objectives

In my seminar, audiences can initial recognize the private level of different social networking sites, for example , Facebook or myspace, Twitter and Instagram. Besides, audiences can easily understand different negative effects of writing personal information and comment on the social networking sites. Hence, they can realize how all those information and comments affect them in the future. Thirdly, Let me also reveal the appropriate approach to use online communities that can prevent causing negative effects on users. III. The major views on the issues/ your contribution to audience's understanding of the matter Sharing the personal existence and viewpoints on social networking sites is a popular pattern among people. All those sites provide a platform for folks to share their particular daily life as well as to discuss some current issues with others. Yet , it may not become safe to talk about things about these websites individuals will possibly encounter the leak of private details to other people and the feedback posted may well have a negative influence on the users' upcoming when they are locating jobs. For instance , some employers will examine what all their job applicants content and declare on their social networking sites. Young people just like us are the main users of online communities. We may certainly not be aware of the risks of posting too much data in the digital world. Consequently , the workshop aims to allow us to understand more about the risks of sharing too many things about ourselves on the internet and hence to get more careful when using the online communities. IV. A plan of your display

1 . Launch


Social networking sites happen to be popular among persons. I believed that most of you got an account of various sorts of social sites. Users are allowed to share all their personal information, personal life and often their personal opinions for the sites. To guard their personal privacy, the information can be set to non-public so it is just visible to users' close friends who have been approved. However , a lot of users might not be aware of this and produce some of their information that is personal public. Some personal information and comment of users can easily still be found and searched out of the internet. Critique:

In the next sections, I'm going to talk about the risks of writing personal and private opinions on social networking sites. Nevertheless it seems a normal behavior to share our lives and comments on the internet, you may never guarantee that you may not become the up coming victim from the ‘cyber manhunt'. Also, the image in accordance to what you posted or liked on the sites can become one of the requirements for your organisations to decide whether hire you or not when you are finding jobs in the future. Therefore , I will suggest several ways for users to shield ourselves while using the social networking sites. For example , how to avoid the leak of your personal information in people you don't know on the internet and steps to make good utilization of the online communities for your job seeking.

2 . Physique

1st subtopic: The risk of writing private information within the internet People‘s personal information just like their birthday, where that they work or study in and even all their address distributed on the social networking sites becomes the resources for ‘Cyber Cannibals' to discover their background private information Web Manhunt – a special internet search engine which uses participation with the Internet users to supply, filter and finally find the...

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VI. Follow-up conversation questions intended for feedback program

Is there virtually any benefit to talk about things upon social networking sites?


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