sea activities and skill Essay

The sea trips in


books and

piece of art


Daniel Defoe

" Robinson Crusoe " В В

The story is about a

young man known as

Robinson Crusoe, who

dreams of going on sea

voyages. On the journey

the ship is usually attacked simply by

pirates and Crusoe is usually

taken as a slave. After

slavery, he dramatically

goes out and gets on an

desolate, unoccupied island. The

Jonathon Swift's

" Gulliver's Travels"

Gulliver's TravelsВ is an

adventure tale involving

several voyages of Lemuel

Gulliver, a ship's surgeon,

who have visited a lot of unknown

island destinations living with unconventional

people and animals, but

who, following each adventure, is

in some way able to go back to

his house in England where

he recovers and then sets

out once again on a fresh voyage.

Jules Verne

" Dick Sand, A Captain at


Dick Sands, as the sole

surviving team member

turns into Captain, a

fifteen years of age. He

tries to get the deliver east

towards the south American

coastline. However , the cook

aboard the send has

very own plans including

killing Dick and providing

Robert John Stevenson

" Treasure Island"

Treasure Isle spins

a tale of piracy, a

secret treasure

map. The cabin

boy, Sean Hawkins,

tells the story of

voyage through the

Spanish Main and

with regards to a revolt, led by

the notorious Lengthy

John Silver precious metal and


" Buccaneers of the

Carribbean: The Bane of

the Black Pearl"

Blacksmith Is going to

Turner teams up

with eccentric

buccaneer " Captain"

Jack Sparrow to

preserve his like, the


daughter, coming from

Jack's ex -

" Life of Pi"

A young gentleman who

survives a disaster

at sea can be hurtled

into an epic

journey of

excursion and

breakthrough. While

cast away, he

forms an


connection with

" Poseidon "

Upon New Year's Eve,

the luxury ocean

liner, Poseidon,

capsizes after becoming

swamped by a

rogue trend. The

remainders are still left to

guard survival as

they attempt to

escape the sinking


" TitanicВ "

TitanicВ is a

love disaster

film that displays

the two

individuals from

different social

classes meeting

and falling in love

about Titanic ahead of

it basins after

colliding with a great

Marine fine art

Claude Monet

ats inside the Port of London

The Ice


Bernard Thompson

at the Daunt Ordinary Lightship RescueMont Orgueil, Jersey

Ivan Aivazovsky

of Constantinople and the Golden Horn

Type Amalfi

The conclusion


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