Marketing Blend Presentation Dissertation

Marketing Mix


By: Cornelia Solomon

Red Lobster

Red Lobster is a casual dining cafe

that specializes in recently prepared

sea food dishes.

some P's Promoting Mix Examination

Over the last several years, consumers have got

become more concerned with their general

health. A healthier a lot more believe as a direct

correlation to diet plan. This trend has required Red

Lobster to change their particular menu to be able to meet

buyers needs.

This presentation is going to outline the new strategy

focusing on the 4 P's marketing combine as we

bring in our Lumination House Menu.


Lighthouse menu

•In 2004, studies

showed buyer

were consuming healthier

and want cafe to

present healthier options.

•Red Lobster met this

need by providing the

Light House Menu.

•All things on the lumination

house menu contains

fewer than 500 unhealthy calories

15g of fat, 5g of

over loaded fat, 750 mg

of sodium and 75g of


Much healthier



п‚—Red Lobster is the greatest seafood everyday

dining restaurant in the United States and

Canada with 63, 000 employees.

п‚—The Light Residence Menu will probably be offered in every single

of the 700 retailers nationwide.

п‚—The Light Property Menu will incorporate nutritional

info alongside each entrГ©e.

Selling price

п‚—Red Lobster is committed to providing quality

seafood danss for every finances.

п‚—The Lumination House Menu prices will range from

$12 to $30 depending on the physical


$12. 99

$14. 49

$18. 99

$29. 99


п‚—Our advertising team allow us several

strategies to promote the Light House Menu.

п‚—Television Advertisements

п‚—Email Advertising

п‚—Discounted Coupons

п‚—Redlobster. com


п‚—This presentation defined Red Lobster's

marketing strategy to introduce the modern Light

Home menu. Customers will have better

choices that focuses on both equally nutrition and

taste. In the event successful, we all will further set

yourself apart from different casual cusine

restaurants and increase market shares.


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