Progeria Essay

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome


Hutchinson - Gilford affliction, or Progeria, is an extremely exceptional genetic disorder when children age for a tremendous rate. Although children born with Porgeria tend to look healthful, they begin to display many characteristics of fast-tracked aging about 18-24 months. These kids develop expansion failure, a loss of body fat and curly hair, aged-looking cases, stiffness of joints, cardiovascular disease and cerebral vascular accidents. Children with Progeria die of atherosclerosis (heart disease) at an typical age of 13 years (with a range of approximately 8 – 21 years). Progeria is quite uncommon; just about one out of eight million people have it. Ninety percent of youngsters with Progeria have a mutation around the gene that encodes the protein lamin A, and generally occurs (without cause). Progeria fell to my interest because these types of patients touch the heart of many human beings with their problems of ageing and fatality at a really young age. This paper provides you with all the basic details of the genetic disorder, displaying and answering what Progeria is usually, the causes, voyage and therapies. Many of the solutions are via books, journals, and websites. Old at 3 by Zachary Moore, and W. Ted Brown's and Honest Rothman's (title of book chapter is definitely from) phase entitled the " Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome” are some supporting book options. Also I came across journals about PubMed, and information from internet sources, including the Progeria research foundation.


We. Intro

A. Intro thoughts

B. Definition

C. Thesis

2. Progeria

A. Definition

W. Origin

C. Inheritance

G. Life expectancy

At the. Founders

III. Epidemiology

A. Progerian population

B. Area where located

C. Racial

D. Physical appearance

4. Symptoms

A. Physical Appearance

1 . Growth failing

2 . Lack of body fat and hair

3. Aged searching skin

some. Enlarged skull

B. Health conditions

1 . Tightness of important joints,

2 . Hip dislocation

three or more. Generalized vascular disease

4. Cardiovascular disease

5. Stroke

V. Causes

A. Genetic Disorder

1 . Relate Lamin to progeria

2 . Define Lamin a

3. Lamin a triggers progeria

some. Lamin disease

VI. Cures/Treatments

A. Buying a cure

1 . Medical prognosis

2 . Cellular and Tissues Bank

N. There is no cure

1 . Stage Mutation

installment payments on your Genetic Duplication

C. Certainly not cures yet make life easier

1 . Health

2 . Car cardiovascular disease

three or more. Coronary artery bypass surgery

4. Aspirin

your five. Physical and/ or Occupational Therapy

Deb. Appearance

1 . Hormones

installment payments on your Dental medical procedures

VII. Research/ Advances

A. Doctor Francis Collins

1 . Past

2 . Conference Meg

3. Progerin

4. New Drug



(2)Side associated with rapamycin

five. RAD001

a)Modified version of rapamycin

b) Lesser side effects

VIII. What can you perform?

A. Resident knowledge

B. Progeria Study Foundation

1 ) Conferences

2 . Birthday want lists

three or more. Miracle developer

4. Translator

IX. Bottom line

A. Summary

B. Final thoughts

Hutchinson- Gilford Progeria Syndrome

This can be a parent's worst fear once their child turns thirteen. 13 year olds typically are winy, bratty kids who also think they know everything. This is the stage when children go through growing up; just that thought makes father and mother cringe since they understand the " talk” is just around the corner. All father and mother want youngsters to deep freeze at tough luck in order to stop them from experiencing the real life. However , profound down inside they have the safety that even though their children happen to be growing up, they have many more important milestones to accomplish. Suppose that reliability was non-existent and lifestyle ended by thirteen? Existence would be vastly incomplete and major milestones would never end up being accomplished. The highlights of life just like: the initial kiss, the school experience, the first task, the fairy tall wedding, and that first child, are all incapable of occurring at 13 years of age. The aging process is a development that occurs over time through memories. Imagine if when a kid is...

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