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Listed below are the data of groupings who are classified while cult. The group will be divided into a couple of groups specifically, the Local and the Foreign Cults LOCAL CULTS

Local Cults otherwise generally known as indigenous cults. This identifies the cults of Christianity that are home grown (in the Philippines. They may have identical doctrines together with the major cults but managed to formulate their own style of unsound theology. Illustrations are as follows: * Parroquia ni CristoВ (I. N. C. ) -- Felix Con. Manalo.

2. Jesus Wonder Crusade International Ministries -- Wilde Almeda. * Jesus the Identity Above Every single Name - Apollo Quiboloy.

* Pentecostal Missionary Cathedral of Christ (Fourth Watch) - Arsenio Ferriol. * Members Cathedral of Our god International (" Ang Online dating Daan" ) - Eli Soriano. 2. Shepherd's MessageВ - Joey Militar.

* Christ To Our god Be the Glory or " Friends Again" (" Oneness" ) - Louie R. Santos. * Philippine Benevolent Missionary Association (P. B. M. A. ) - Ruben Ecleo * Tres Personality Solo Dios

* Ako NgaВ - Casiano Nazaire


This refers to the cults of Christianity installed from away from Philippine Islands and was brought below by their emissaries to spread their fake teachings. Examples are as follows: 1 . Alamo Christian Foundation

2 . Anthroposophical Society

three or more. Astara

some. Children of God

a few. Christadelphianism

6th. Christian Family members Fellowship

7. Christian Identification Movement

almost eight. Christian Science

9. House of worship of Armageddon

10. Work Light Objective

11. Eckankar

12. Se revele etre

13. Foundation of Human Understanding (Roy Masters)

14. Jehovah's Witnesses

15. Krishna

16. Life Early spring

17. Mormonism

18. Oneness Pentecostal

19. Rosicrucianism

twenty. Scientology

twenty one. Self Recognition Fellowship

twenty-two. Silva Head Control

23. Swedenborgianism

24. The Farm

25. The Unification Chapel

26. The way in which International

27. Theosophy

28. Two simply by Two's

up to 29. Transcendental...


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