applying standard terminologies to rehearse Essay


Applying Standardized Terminologies in Practice

Chamberlain College of Nursing

NR 512: Breastfeeding Informatics

Summer time 2014


The health sector is in the process of adopting evidence based surgery. This has lead to the standardization on the mode of communication in the classification of diagnosis, utilized interventions and the expected final results. In this standardization process, the NANDA, NIC, and NOC elements are the most commonly used and effective systems. The purpose of this paper is always to provide a simple overview of these kinds of standardized limite as they relate to a patient with congestive cardiovascular system failure, identify the aspects of NANDA, NIC and NOC and describe the data, info, knowledge and wisdom utilized during the process. Applying standardized Vocable in Practice

The North American Medical Diagnosis Affiliation (NANDA) supplies a clear format on how nursing staff should diagnose various conditions. The nursing jobs outcome category (NOC) delivers measurement scales and indictors to be utilized in measuring the progress of your patient. According to Johnson (2012), NOC enables a nurse to keep up various sufferer outcomes in different environments over time. Various interventions relating to certain diagnosis are provided in the Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC). The NIC also has specific activities that are to be integrated depending on the patient's needs and also other existing circumstances. The following is a great illustration showing how each of the over standardized terms can be used in a patient with congestive heart failure. Congestive cardiovascular failure is a condition where heart struggles to pump oxygen rich bloodstream to all areas of the body (GarciМЃa, 2010). Heart failure can be caused by a number of issues that trigger the increased need to offer oxygenated bloodstream to the human body tissues, which in turn causes weakening in the heart, and heart failure. NANDA may be used to collect the essential information in order to determine the most appropriate intervention (Johnson, 2012). The first thought should be the willpower of the performance of home heath administration. This will are the determination with the kind of diet plan a patient usually takes and the level of exercising alongside the knowledge of how various activities affect the cardiovascular system.

Another consideration would be the determination in the body's substance levels. This may be followed by the examination of the body and patient's regulatory systems which affects the body's smooth level. The next phase will then be the evaluation of the disease position of the patient. Other disorders may have got a negative effect to the capacity of the center to pump bloodstream to the parts of the body and this stage will allow the doctor to discover which in turn disease is usually causing a poor effect to the heart. The evaluation with the family status will reveal any disputes that may be triggering the center failure while at the same time provide an comprehension of the degree of effectiveness of therapeutic regimen managing. Through this kind of data, the nurse will probably be in a position to identify the patient's current position and help in determining the amount of outcomes that is required to manage the illness effectively. Nursing Outcome Category

At this stage, the nurse should establish the amount to be reached for each with the causes established in the diagnosis process. 1st, the nurse should established the required complying behavior towards the strategies to always be implemented. This will be then the perseverance of the amount of knowledge to supply to the people. Thede & Sewell (2010), states the nurse will then determine the acceptable threshold levels of physique that will permit the patient to do the various affluence. Determining the degree of interventions necessary will depend on the patient's liquid levels. Family support and conflicts have also been identified as likely causes of center failure and the nurse...

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