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Good morning Brothers and Sister, I had been asked to provide a talk today on selections. I noticed a poem called hand and hand which says

" On the table, area by side
The Book of Mormon and the TV Guide
One is well worn and cherished with pride; 
Not the Book of Mormon, but the TELEVISION guide, 
One is used daily to help individuals decide, 
No, not the Book of Mormon, however the TV Guideline. 
As the pages are turned, what shall they see? 
Oh, what does this matter, start up the TV! 
So they opened up the book from which that they confide, 
No, not the Book of Mormon, nevertheless the TV guideline. 
The word of The almighty is rarely read
Maybe a verse or two before that they fall into bed, 
Exhausted and sleepy and tired just like be, 
Not from browsing the scriptures, but from watching TV. 
So back to the table, side by side
The Book of Mormon, and the TV Guide
The Plan of Salvation is full and free
But is found in the Book of Mormon, not on the TV. ”

This kind of poem received me to thinking that we make many selections everyday and one of the choices is actually they are going to do well choices or bad alternatives. For example in the poem that we read it was the TV that was usually used and not the publication of mormon. The Publication of Mormon was finally chosen once you got to the end and realize that is most important. Do we not prevent our your life for a couple of minutes a day to learn a chapter or two? Do we not have time in our time for divine father until you are in trouble. We should most think of enough time we have inside our lives and employ it wisely rather than wasting each of our day away, sitting in front of the television.

Near the TV all day long doesn't usually bring very good thoughts or emotions into your head. These thoughts may drive away the Holy Ghost, that might cause all of us to end up in bad situations, by wrong alternatives. You need to continually be able to maintain your mind clean and be able to associated with right decision between turning the TV on and reading the Book of Mormon. To be able to read the Book of Mormon and understanding that it is the case is a thing that you have, that others perform...


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