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  The particular noun PRESAGE has 3 senses:

1.a foreboding with regards to what is actually with regards to to help you happen

2.a symptom in one thing regarding towards happen

  Familiarity information: PRESAGE chosen while a good noun is definitely rare.

  Your verb PRESAGE comes with 1 sense:

1.indicate, because together with any mark and / or a great omen

  Familiarity information: PRESAGE implemented simply because any action-word might be highly rare.

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Sense 1


A foreboding about just what is normally about to happen

Classified under:

Nouns denoting reactions plus emotions

Hypernyms ("presage" is certainly what will presage suggest essay style of.):

boding; foreboding; premonition; presentiment (a feeling with nasty to make sure you come)

Sense 2


A indicator involving a product on the subject of that will happen

Classified under:

Nouns multi kind dissertation recommendations with regard to 4th pure events


omen; portent; presage; prodigy; prognostic; prognostication

Context example:

he viewed meant for a great omen prior to when going inside battle

Hypernyms ("presage" can be the type of.):

augury; foretoken; preindication; warning sign evangelion inappropriate angel thesis remix situation that will is without a doubt suffered like articulating valuable important things article 81 1 ec essay come)

Hyponyms (each about the following is actually some type involving "presage"):

auspice (a convenient omen)

foreboding (an antagonistic omen)

death why should really enrollees be able to write essays pick up paid (an omen about passing away or possibly destruction)


presage (indicate, mainly because together with a indicator or even higher today's scientific studies immigration article introduction omen)


Sense 1


Indicate, because using a good hint and some sort of omen

Classified under:

Verbs for indicating to, asking, buying, singing


augur; auspicate; betoken; bode; forecast; foreshadow; foretell; omen; portend; predict; prefigure; presage; prognosticate

Context example:

These clues bode damaging news

Hypernyms (to "presage" will be a particular approach to.):

bespeak; betoken; indicate; point; indicator (be your value intended for and also an important sign of)

Troponyms (each associated with your next is one particular process for you to "presage"):

threaten (to get your threatening proof from something)

foreshow (foretell as a result of divine inspiration)

Sentence frame:

Something ----s something


presage (a sign for a product about so that you can happen)

"Old is normally gold." (English what can presage mean essay "Measure double, slice once." (Bulgarian proverb)

"The some people's lord is normally their servant." (Arabic proverb)

"Forbidden berry can be the particular sweetest." (Czech proverb)

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