Hyundai Dissertation

I. Company Background

Hyundai Corporation is usually Korea's leading general trading company which has taken the lead to promote export of Korea and Hyundai Group on the basis of solid global organization networks. Hyundai Corporation, Korea's leading basic trading home, provides intercontinental trade and distribution companies for a a comprehensive portfolio of products, including steel, large machinery, boats, industrial plant life, automobiles, electric powered and electronic equipment, and basic commodities. In addition to export and trading, Hyundai Corporation offers achieved remarkable success through investing in energy resource advancement projects in Asia plus the Middle East. Hyundai Corporation has thirty four years of experience in global trades, sturdy financing features, and unrivaled regional and local expertise through our network of almost forty office buildings worldwide. Lately, Hyundai Firm has even more diversified their business profile by growing into new business

II. Time Frame

Company Name| Founded| Quantity of Employees

Hyundai Engineering and Construction| 1947| 22, 700

Hyundai Sea and Fire Insurance| 1955| 1, 876

Hyundai Securities | 1962| 1, 523

Inchon Iron and Steel| 1964| a couple of, 820

Hyundai Oil Refinery| 1964| you, 200

Hyundai Motor| 1967| 40, 900

Keumkang Development (Department, Hotels)| 1971| several, 836

Sun Eel Shipping| 1972| -

Aluminum of Korea| 1973| 258

Hyundai Heavy Industries| 1973| twenty-one, 500

Hyundai Engineering| 1974| 1, 336

Hyundai Engine Service| 1974| 11, 500

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard| 1975| 2, 657

Hyundai Pipe| 1975| 909

Hyundai Light weight aluminum Industries| 1975| 527

Hyundai Merchant Marine| 1976| 1, 701

Koryeo Industrial Development| 1976| 1, 313

Hyundai Corporation (Trading)| 1976| 851

Hyundai International Merchant Bank| 1976| 121

Hyundai Accuracy and Industry| 1977| 10, 500

Hyundai Housing and Industrial Development| 1977| 18, 600| Hyundai Wood...


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