Goodbye... You Were the great thing I Ever Had Essay


We walk my personal feet around the lovely shore

As I observe the solid waves that everyone really likes

I feel the cool wind brush against my confront

Yet... To my bereaved heart this fails to comfort

All gowns left with myself are memories

GOODBYE... You were the great thing I ever endured

I put & stick myself during sex at night

As I keep the celestial satellite & actors in sight

Great how they refuses to leave one another

And I keep wishing you were the moon, and i also, the star

Together there was shine

Jointly we'd fade and leave the atmosphere

But all that's playing me are wishes

GOOD BYE.. You had been the best thing I actually ever had

I realize the sun soars from the east

It brightens the leaves of the swaying trees

That causes the world to light anew

But... It fails to save me personally from agony

As I carry on and lose myself from this depressing scenery

Trigger all gowns left with myself are regrets

GOODBYE.. you were the great thing I ever had

I view the rainwater falls previously mentioned

I feel the coldness by outside

As well as the heaviness from within

My eyes begin to fill with tears

Trigger your face I'd personally never observe

Your tone of voice I'd by no means hear

Almost all that's playing me are sorrows

FAREWELL.. you were the best thing I ever had

How am I meant to move on?

When ever this world reminds me of you

This life made me believe in three issues

I just knew of LOVE, FATE, and DEATH...

It absolutely was fate that brought you to me

It absolutely was death that took you away

It was love that will not make me forget and allow you to live in myself forever...

ADIOS... you had been the best thing We ever had


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