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Assignment Title: An Investigation in to Students' Cash strategy Practices in Glasgow Tutor Name: Caroline Bridges

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Day of Submitting: 10th April 2014

A study into students' budgeting practices in Glasgow Abstract

The society continues to be changing continuously and the outcomes of previous studies regarding students' cash strategy practices will not be applicable to the current situation: new trends, including increasing competitive society and feminine being even more equipped with even more financial expertise, might seem. This study would focus on these elements and to examine students' spending budget practices and offer beneficial advice; also, this examined the way the variables: gender, surrounding environment and economical knowledge connect with the practices. The method of convenience testing was used as well as the survey technique was used to get quantitative information. A focus group was utilized to collect qualitative information that helped to create the questionnaires, which were distributed to students in Glasgow International College or university (GIC) plus the library of University of Glasgow (GU). The study discovered that most students did not finances regularly and lacked personal finance know-how; however , college students, who were finance- or economics-related majored, tends to make a budget. Furthermore, the benefits suggested that many students have noticed impulse shopping for and female students were more likely to overspend their particular budgets. In addition, it identified that most college students agreed that developing a routine to finances from the child years is better than learning through personal finance courses in degree. It is wished that these outcomes could happen students' understanding about the importance of regular and proper spending budget practices. Introduction

Teenagers are now lacking in to be able to manage funds properly in addition to particularly, scholars tend to overspend their finances. According to the report by Sallie Mac (2009), 84% of undergraduates own at least one visa or mastercard and the quantity has been increasing since 2004. Additionally, their mastercard balances improved to 3, 173 USD, which can be the record-high level as Sallie Mae began the information collection over 10 years ago. College students overspend the limits even though they know the dimensions of the consequence of overcharging (Wang and Xiao, 2008: 1-3). A lack of the knowledge in spending budget practice may result in serious final result such as hefty debts. As a result, the awareness of efficient and proper spending budget practices must be aroused. In addition , a good long-term investment and personal wealth supervision can considerably affect the advancement a person (Haberstok, 3 years ago: 32). People with better economic literacy may have a better frame of mind and knowledge of the importance involving management that enables them to have more effective budgeting practices (Jewkes, 2009: 2). Personal fund is one of the factors indicating how personal wellbeing is changing in British (ONS, 2013: 33). The whole individual financial distress rates have increased at least 200% in all British regions and Wales from 2004 to 2006 (ONS, 2012: 3). As college students usually shortage financial know-how to function in lives (Manton, 2006: 51), it is really worth investigating the budgeting practice of learners and featuring recommendations which usually benefits college students in Glasgow. This research aims to research the budgeting practices of university students in Glasgow employing quantitative details from forms which will be designed using qualitative information by a focus group. The analysis will determine and examine variables that affect the techniques, such as gender, surrounding environment and monetary knowledge by utilizing correlation stats (Zhao, ou all, 2012). It will also measure the underlying problems behind cash strategy practices. Last but not least, corresponding recommendations on the proper budgeting practices will be...

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