Final Record in Pract01: an Internship Experience Dissertation

Final Record in PRACT01: An Internship Experience

Submitted by: Ramo

Submitted to: Mr. MPJ

Practicum Adviser

Overview of the Establishment

Green Cuisine is definitely the catering service of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. Handled by simply students, Main Abe Alegarbes, Chief Jing Abac, Main Jeffrey Pamintuan, and Chief cook Mae Montalban as the faculties-in-charge in Green Food. Green Delicacies has its own cook station in AKIC which is the munch bar located at the eighth floor of the building. The snack bar sells different varieties of snacks and beverages pertaining to the students like juices, casse-cro?te, pastas, croquettes, bread puddings and any kind of food that may be easy and quickly to prepare. Munch Bar is usually popular to AKIC pupils especially those who are in a rush who have a limited time to come out and for the professors who need a break after a long spiel. Green Food is basically wide open for everyone also to the school staff requiring a quick snack.

The kitchen of Green Cuisine is located with the 6th floor of the Angelo King Campus. The kitchen is front of the CLU department and near the ice maker machine. Inside kitchen, it has the complete kitchen equipment primarily needed for the mass creation of meals and providing services some examples are: large chiller, some large stoves, 6 tiny stoves, salamander for broiling, an industrial kitchen aid, bowls, plastic trays, containers and dozens of knives. Sometimes Cooks in Progress – an organization of DLS-CSB in hopes of Culinary Learners uses each of our kitchen pertaining to the preparation for their function.

This term, Green Cuisine has the most frantic schedule because it has a lot of catering companies. At the start from the term all of us catered 200 persons in Ayala Art gallery, 300 persons in School of St Benilde main campus, 500 persons for De la Assemblee University. Just about every Wednesday, Green cuisine will serve around 15 Brothers at De La Assemblee University and after the midterm, Green Food serves the scholars of the SPACE department, the continuing education program of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde every Sat. Green Cuisine owns a catering pickup truck that transfers all the foodstuff and equipment needed for the catering providers. Sometimes learners are given free rides for the destination by the school using the college's own bus.

Hours of Operation of the Snack Bar are as follows:

Several hours of Operation

7: 00 – 19: 00 Monday to Fridays

7: 00 – 13: 00 Saturdays

Closed about Sundays and Holidays

Students that are portion of the Green Delicacies team – or in short GC – have moving schedules. Each student is given 8 hours per day 3 x a week to complete the mandatory 400 several hours. 320 hours are required to get in-house practicum and some additional hours will be gained through meetings while using practicum mechanic and attendance in the distinct meetings for individuals taking PRACT01.

Strengths of the Program

Pract01 is a well-planned program to get the culinary students of College or university of St Benilde because students is going to experience the life in the professional kitchen. Overall, there are several hatcheries pertaining to the culinary students including Vatel cafe located at the roof deck of the AKIC building, Solomon Guesthouse located at Ayala St . cor. Arellano, Malate, Chef Stop Taft, SDA and AKIC, CSB resort and the Green Cuisine. Just about every hatchery has their own own responsibility and aim, the only related goal I discovered out is that they all have an excellent quality of service pertaining to the customers.

The Vatel cafe and Solomon guesthouses will be the apples with the eye of each and every student because of the reputation. Become familiar with a lot in those hatcheries and it's just like working in a real restaurant, but in my opinion, Chief cook Station has the advantage since it caters to a whole lot of pupils and this serve a wide variety of food and excellent support every day. Green Cuisine is the most unique in the commercial because it will teach the students to provide fast and reliable in a time pressured situation because of the queue in the cashier. It will...


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