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Unhealthy weight in Kazakhstan

Darkhan Zhiyenbay

University of Southern California


Sonja Lovelace


The Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the major countries in Central Asia. In Kazakh culture, being obese was considered to become normal and showed wealth. But now, Kazakhs who live in urban areas consider it as sickness. Since it received its freedom in 1991, various foreign firms invested in Kazakhstan to establish foodstuff businesses. Therefore, new take out businesses are affecting Kazakh's eating routine and traditions. Nowadays weight problems is one of the primary challenges in Kazakhstan. To stop the overweight problem, a lot of health increasing projects and policies had been launched by the government. However , the number of over weight people remains high. A variety of solutions to the obesity issue were offered to the government; however three suggested policies looked as even more viable. The three recommended guidelines are the creation of consistent sustenance and physical activity measures, intensifying and coordinating overweight research, and developing exercise programs. Keywords: Kazakhstan, obesity, overweight, junk food, research, exercise Problem Section: Obesity in Kazakhstan

Unhealthy weight is a intricate issue consisting of an excessive measure of weight to excess fat ratio. Stoutness isn't merely unappealing; that affects your wellbeing which include, coronary condition, diabetes and hypertension. Weight problems means people are extremely susceptible to having wellbeing problems identified with weight. Today, the weight problems problem is not really in only in Western countries, but it is likewise spreading throughout Central Asia. According to the Shamil Tazhibayev, Vp of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition (KAN), a large portion of Kazakhstan's inhabitants has added body mass and one among five young people is considered body fat. The exam uncovered that 22 percent of children within the age of 14 years of age are overweight, which can be nearly every sixth adolescent in Kazakhstan. A lot more than 50 percent of Kazakhstan's people are heavy with, 49 percent of females and 53 percent of males. Moreover, specialists noted the weight turns into an additionally important issue with age group. Along these lines, 75 percent with the individuals 50 years and more mature are considered obese. As suggested by the assessment, 76 percent of respondents accept all their body weight is usually typical; 53 percent of those, who agree that they are obese, wish to control their bodyweight. However in the meantime, the Kazakh School of Diet began creating items improved with grow sterols, the most making a guarantee to approaches to control obesity (Tashibaev, 2012).

Determinant Section Obesity in Kazakhstan

Overweight is a chronic disorder seen as excessive build up of fat in the body. It has risen being a real medical condition issue in both equally developed and developing nations around the world. In the USA, American women aged 25 or older, more than 28 percent were over weight and 28 percent had been obese. A study in England indicated that 18 percent of grown-up women were obese. The United Arab Emirates discovered that 40 percent of engaged ladies had been obese (World Health Corporation, 2014). Research in Kazakhstan enlisting twenty-five, 107 subject matter, spanning much more than 15 years, uncovered that 23. several percent of the participants recently had an extreme Physique Mass Index (BMI) of 36. 1%, or more. The obesity crisis was raising with grow older and was connected with the level of physical activity. Unhealthy weight considerably increases morbidity and disability issues and comorbidities, degrades the standard of life and overall health whilst reducing life expectancy. Patients using a high likelihood of unhealthy weight might have the next diseases: Heart problems, Cancer from the endometrium, Diabetes and insulin resistance, Brittle bones, arthritis, chronic respiratory diseases, Deep vein thrombosis, and Urinary pebbles, Complications of...

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