Facebook Essay


Table 1 . Age of Respondents

Table 2 . Gender of Respondents

Stand 3. Answers of the Participants if they use " Facebook”

Table four. Reasons why the respondents are employing " Facebook”

Table your five. Reasons why the respondents are not using " Facebook”

Desk 6. Consistency of applying " Facebook”

Table several. Response with the respondents, if they prioritize using Facebook than making assignments Stand 8. Reasons of the participants why they will prioritize producing assignments than using Facebook or myspace Table on the lookout for. Reasons why the respondents prioritize using Facebook than producing their tasks.

Table 10. Hours put in by the respondents in employing " Facebook” Table 10. Responses in the respondents if perhaps " Facebook” helps all of them on their studies Table 12. The reasons from the respondents about how Facebook will help them issues studies Table 13. Response of the participants about the effects of " Facebook” in their research Table 16. Response in the respondents if perhaps using Facebook . com and winning contests accidentally concerns their mind when they are studying Table 12-15. Response considering the time they dedicate in applying Facebook, if it last till morning

Stand 16. Factors that leads the respondents to use Facebook

Stand 17. Score of the top features of Facebook


The fascination with the effects of " Facebook amongst students, how exactly does " Facebook” attract people, specifically students and teens, and how they became addicted to this and how Fb can be helpful or possibly a destruction towards the studies in the students would be the main issues of this analyze. This exploration shows how Facebook allows its end user, especially to the young, teens, and learners or just how it can be the reason for them to are unsuccessful on their research.

Facebook may be of such a barrier or support on the studies of fresh, teenagers and particularly to college students. Facebook can be useful as a source for learning of the young, teenagers, and most especially college students but it may also be a burden when not utilized properly by the students. A. Background with the study

Today, well over 90 percent of youth older than fourteen and many younger have Facebook consideration. In fact the number of hours the average individual usually spends in using this social networking device is quite alarming. And because of the, the group is motivated to conduct this research on the associated with Facebook for the studies of Second Year High School students. N. Objectives of the Study

This study aims to determine the effects of Facebook around the studies of Second Yr High School Students of San Pablo Colleges, Educational Year 2011-2012.

General Objective

*To determine the effects of Facebook or myspace on the studies of the students Specific Target

*To identify whether Facebook or myspace can be helpful or maybe a destruction to the studies with the students C. Significance in the Study

The group done this analyze to determine the associated with Facebook for the studies of Second Year High School Students of San Pablo Colleges. With the study result, it may help the researchers to know the effects of Facebook . com on the research. The analysts also believe that this research can be helpful to people who anticipate having a analyze about Facebook . com in the future. M. Scope and Limitations with the study

The respondents would be the Second 12 months High School Students of San Pablo Colleges. The researchers limit that the participants will come from the said institution.


The researchers' curiosity about the consequences of Facebook among students, leads us to select that certain issue, how does " Facebook” attract people, especially pupils and teenagers; and how they will became hooked on it.

Pupils who spend much of their very own time online demonstrated that they identified it difficult to resist working in on this so-called " Facebook” and in concentrating in the participation inside the classroom leading to declining grades because of not being aware of what is trained. Not a handful of teacher who have seemed to be not fond of this malevolent result, were disappointed on finding students...


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