Explore how Miller Reveals the Feelings of Ruben and At the Proctor around the Pages 120-121 Essay

Check out the way Miller presents the emotions of John and Elizabeth Proctor on the webpages 120-121

Webpage 120

Callier conveys Proctor's need to be evaluated by his wife and to have her opinion. He's accused of producing a pact with the satan and would like the right conclusions to be manufactured.

This is shown when Proctor says:

" I need my life. "

Elizabeth responds: " I cannot judge you, John, I cannot! "

Then on Proctor shouts: " Then that will judge me personally? "

This kind of dialogue among John and Elizabeth reveals how Proctor is shed and doesn't know what to complete. He thinks he should confess nevertheless he is certainly not too sure. He is wanting Elizabeth will certainly share her opinions with him yet she just denies his demands. She wants him to do what he considers is the way to go. However , she knows in her cardiovascular that if perhaps her precious husband declaration, he will hardly ever forgive himself, as the most important thing for him is his reputation and his good brand.

Finally, even as we compare the relationship between Proctor and At the in Act Two to the actual romantic relationship, we understand it is conflicting: in Action Two, Ruben does not want to speak to his wife, in Act Four, John is usually begging his wife to see him what she considers.

webpage 121

Given that John Proctor knows this individual has no direction from his wife by what he have to do, he makes a decision for himself to simply save his existence: In another words, he chooses to rest to prevent him self from staying hanged. Danforth then demands him queries concerning who have he had seen with the devil. Here is one of the discussion between Danforth and Proctor: Danforth: " Did you observe the Devil? "

John: " I did"

This discussion confirms perfectly Proctors croyance. He welcomes without conversation all the questions asked by Danforth in an attempt to conserve his lifestyle. He is doing what this individual think his wife wonderful company, Hale, want him to do. However with his short answers and replies, all of us still perception the distress inside him that he has perhaps made an unacceptable decision.


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