Use Case Narrative: Registration System Article


Employ Case Story

Project Name: Inzane: A great E-commerce Internet site

Use Circumstance Name: Search and search products


Concern: High

Actor: Shopper

Information: This use case details a shopper who searches and browses products. Trigger: A shopper is looking for a particular product.

Result in Type: External


1 . The shopper is definitely knowledgeable about the product he/she is looking to get. 2 . The website is available.

a few. The advertisement and buyer account databases will be up-to-date and online. Typical Course:

1 . 0 Search and search products and choose product to purchase 1 . The shopper specifies the category of the item and the item itself to get searched. 2 . The system certifies that the item is available.

3. The system creates all the products corresponding the search request. 5. The shopper picks a product and wants to place it in a cart. 5. The device asks the consumer to sign in. (Alternative Training course 1 . 1) 6. The consumer logs in his/her buyer account.

several. The system verifies the account.

8. The shopper adds the merchandise to cart.

Information intended for Steps

Search Criteria

List of approved advertisings

Buyer Consideration

List of Purchaser Accounts

Fresh Cart Entry

Modified Basket

Alternative Training:

1 . you The shopper will not already have a buyer account. (branch in step 5) 1 . The shopper registers his or her desired account information. 2 . The program verifies in the event the username continues to be available.

3a. The login name is still offered.

4a. The consumer has created a buyer account.

5. Come back to Normal Training course Step 6.

3b. The login name already is out there.

4b. The device asks the shopper if he wants to continue registration or not. 5b. 1 The consumer wants to continue registration.

6b. 1 Go back to Alternative program 1 . one particular step 1

5b. 2 The consumer cancels the request.

6b. 2 The program terminates the employment case.

Details for Steps

Username and Password

List of Buyer Email usernames

New Buyer Account

Request re-registration



1 ) One or more products are included in the shopper's cart.

installment payments on your Cart has been modified.

3. The unregistered shopper has established a purchaser account.


E1: Search request results no effect. (occurs for step 2)

1 . The system displays the message " Your search did not match virtually any records. Make an effort another search. ”. 2 . The system begins Normal Study course again.

E2: Buyer Account is not really valid. (occurs at stage 7)

1 ) The system exhibits the concept " Your username and password can be not valid. Please re-enter your username and password. ”. E3: Account put is not really a Buyer Accounts. (occurs in step 7) 1 . The machine displays the message " Your account is actually a Seller Consideration. Please get into a Buyer Account. ”. 2 . Go back to Normal Training course step 5.

Summary Inputs




Search Standards

List of accepted ads

Purchaser Account

List of Buyer Accounts

Username and Password

Set of Buyer Email usernames

Request for re-registration or Termination


Energetic Advertisement Repository


Purchaser Account Databases


Client Account Databases


New Cart Entrance

Modified Basket

New Buyer Account

Basket Database

Trolley Database

Customer Account Data source

Use Case Name: Purchase products on-line

ID: UC-2

Priority: Large

Actor: Customer

Description: This kind of use case describes a buyer's acquiring product(s) upon his/her wagon online. Trigger: A customer wants to get a product.

Result in Type: Exterior


1 ) The shopper's account is usually authenticated.

2 . The buyer bank account database

3. One or more products are in the wagon.

4. The customer has specific readiness to look at and buy product(s) in his or her cart. Regular Course:

1 ) 0 Client confirms the intent to purchase and items payment. 1 . The buyer clears his/her cart.

2 . The machine displays the cart's contents with price(s) of product(s) included. several....


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