ECT122 Wk3 Assignment Article

Chapter four Series Circuit

Practice Problems

1 . All the following resistor combinations can be connected as shown in figure 5. 29. For each combination, determine the total circuit resistance. R1 R2 R3 R4

a. 1kΩ 220Ω 330Ω 1 ) 1kΩ = 1kΩ+220Ω+330Ω+1. 2kΩ=2650 x sama dengan 2 . 65kΩ b. 10Ω 18Ω 47Ω 200Ω= 10Ω+18Ω+47Ω+200Ω= 275Ω c. 150Ω 220Ω 820Ω 51Ω= 150Ω+220Ω+820Ω+51Ω=1241 times = 1 . 241kΩ d. 10kΩ 91kΩ 5. 1kΩ 300Ω= 10kΩ+91kΩ+5. 1kΩ+300Ω=106, 500 x sama dengan 106. 4kΩ

3. The next resistor mixtures are for a circuit just like one proven in Physique 4. 40. In each case, decide the not known resistor value. R1 R2 R3 RT a. 1 . 1kΩ 330Ω 470Ω 1 . 9kΩ

m. 27kΩ 47kΩ 91kΩ 165kΩ

c. 33kΩ 5. 1kΩ 6. 2kΩ 44. 3kΩ

d. 27Ω 39Ω 82Ω 148 Ω

A) = 1 . 9kΩ - (1. 1kΩ+330Ω) = 470Ω

B) 165kΩ- (47kΩ+91kΩ) = 27kΩ

C) 44. 3kΩ - (33kΩ+6. 2kΩ) = a few. 1kΩ

D) = 27Ω+39Ω+82Ω = 148Ω

8. Compute the total current for the circuit demonstrated in Figure 4. 32b. 1 . 5kΩ + 11kΩ=12, 500Ω. I=V/= 5V/12, 500Ω= 0. 0004 x sama dengan 400µA sixteen. Calculate the cost of the source volt quality in Number 4. 34b. 22kΩ & 10kΩ = 32, 000Ω. I= 500µA. V= My spouse and i = 500µA x 32kΩ = 16V 23. Write the Kirchhoff's loop equation for the circuit shown in Figure some. 36a and verify that the voltages soon add up to 0V. = 7V+2V+6V= 15V. 15V+ -7V + -2V + -6V= 0V

dua puluh enam. Calculate the cost of the current in Figure four. 37b.

12V/150Ω= 0. 08 x = 80mA


Vr1= Vs- vr2= 12V-3V=9V Ir1= vr1/r1 = 9V/150Ω= 60mA

30. For the circuit proven in Physique 4. 38b, calculate the voltage via point A to surface. = 12kΩ + 1 ) 2kΩ= 13, 200 x = 13. 2kΩ

sama dengan (9V)1. 2kΩ/13. 2kΩ = 0. 818 x sama dengan 818mV

forty five. Calculate the component ac electricity and electrical power values intended for the outlet shown in Figure four. 41b, together with the circuit values of and. = 12kΩ+62kΩ+1. 5kΩ= 75, 500 by =...


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