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1 . 1 . Background with the Study

1 ) 2 . Affirmation of the Issue

1 . three or more. Objectives in the Study

1 ) 4. Relevance of the Research

1 . 5. Scope and Limitations with the Study


installment payments on your 1 . Sales

2 . 2 . Customers

2 . 3. Coverage on Allowing Collection in Accounts Receivable

2 . four. Treatment about Uncollectible Accounts


3. 1 . Assumptive Framework

three or more. 2 . Conceptual Framework

several. 3. Detailed Framework


4. 1 ) Description from the Research Design and style

4. installment payments on your Data Gathering Methods and Instruments

5. 3. Sample Plan


Analysis with the management of accounts receivable applied by simply Avon Firm Inc. in Angeles Town as to the effect on the profitability for the Years 2001-2011.

In Partial Fulfillment of the

Requirement for the Degree of

Bachelors of Technology in Accountancy


Aranca, Michaela

David, Janica

Lapaz, Angeline

Manaloto, Lovely Bea

Tiria, Cristine

1 . one particular BACKGROUND IN THE STUDY

This study should determine the management of accounts receivable of Avon Company when it comes to the company's sales, customers, plan on approving and collections of accounts receivables and treatments of uncollectible accounts in order to completely analyze all their effects within the profitability in the said business. (Write discussions of the different factors you considered, i. at the., sales, clients, policy in granting and collections of accounts receivables and treatments of uncollectible accounts. You can find these coming from reviews of literatures. You need to cite the references. ) Direct providing is a kind of sales funnel where items are sold directly to clients, eliminating the advantages of middlemen – wholesalers, marketers and retailers. Direct providing can be executed one-on-one, in group or party formatting, or on the net. At Avon, the " direct” a part of direct offering also refers to the personal element of this sale channel, really about building relationships with people and giving them a high level of assistance and personal focus. (What normally differentiates immediate selling coming from regular providing? Support your answers with reviews of literatures) You need to do an interview linked to how avon company apply A/R supervision. This need to include all those factors you could have you have suggested above. Also, do that they apply a similar management of accounts receivable for the past 10 (10) years? OVERVIEW Avon is the world's leading direct seller of beauty and related items, with over $8 billion in total annual revenues and also 40, 000 employees. The corporation market to women all over the world through a lot more than 5 , 000, 000 independent sales representatives in over 90 countries. Avon is more popular as a top rated global manufacturer and a world leader in lipsticks, perfumes and anti-aging skin care.

In the Thailand, Avon started in 1978 while using acquisition of Feeling Laboratories, Incorporation., the manufacturer of Beautifont companies its makeup distribution company Beutifont Goods, Inc. In 1983, Feeling Laboratories started to be Avon Developing, Inc. (APMI) and Beautifont Products, Inc. was has been renowned Avon Cosmetic makeup products, Inc. (ACI). Avon Items Manufacturing, Incorporation. had it is first flower in Libis, Metro Manila and stayed there pertaining to 18 years. The plant was later on moved to Calamba, Laguna wherever we are now on each of our seventh season of procedure. Product and Services:

That manufactures high-quality cosmetic, aroma and toiletry (CFT) items which are expertly marketed by simply tens and thousands of Avon Representatives country wide. APMI likewise exports items to Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and it is currently working away at expanding their customer base globally. Cultures and Values:

Avon Products Production, Inc. aims toward one common goal that is certainly rooted deeply on Avon's corporate vision. We will be the supplier of preference, world-class beauty, and perfume and toiletry...


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