Contemporary Designs is Travel and leisure and Leisure time Essay

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Contemporary Topics is Travel and leisure and Leisure time

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Section 1

The introduction of the travel and leisure sector, demonstrating the main influences, stakeholders and markets.


This newspaper has been crafted to go with the INFESTATION Analysis diagram and records page exhibiting the development of the tourism sector together with relevant further information. The author will provide details on in which growth provides occurred and conclude by highlighting locations where future expansion is continuing. Furthermore, the writer displays that many from the areas of development interact with other folks. There are many areas where development takes place and for the purposes of the report and accompanying plan an examination using Politics, Economic, Cultural and Technological headings has been used.

Main Developments

The Factory and Workshop Act 1901 provided women and children with six days and nights holiday by work and coupled with the four days given as a result of the Bank Holiday seasons Act of 1871, free time became available to the masses. As a result of these political developments a rise in sociable activity came about with the opening of Countrywide Parks and other public area. This in turn triggered the growth in technological advancements as persons wanted to travelling and developments in railroad and steamship became important (Edexel 2011). It is important to note that this time period observed the beginning of the first holiday camp which was one of several economic and social innovations and by 1939 nearly 100, 000 guests holidayed by Butlin's Holiday break Camps rising to " one in 20 holidaymakers” by 1948 (Page 2003). Appendix 1 information Cohen's ‘Classification on Tourists' which reveals the introduction of both ‘Organised Mass Tourist' plus the ‘Individual Mass Tourist'. As legislation always been enacted, holiday break time with pay was introduced which had the result of people wanting to go away and more holiday places were necessary. Technology continued to be developed to supply transportation and coupled with the power for people to pay to go on holiday economic growth took place as well. Lickorish (1997) comments that " as the world recovered in the Second World War there is growing facts to indicate that people were spending more time upon leisure activities and on travel”. By 1950 one million people Britons journeyed abroad for holidays, the first offshore all-inclusive deal holiday was available and the Railway Network had been Nationalised. Shortly after this ten Countrywide Parks were designated plus the first freeway opened. Because more persons travelled in foreign countries for getaways technological advancements in transfer became important to convey more travellers to more destinations. Airport terminal deregulation and EU meaning of a Deal Holiday allowed by politics legislation resulted in economic development in mass package vacations and the introduction of Sunlust and Wanderlust holidaymakers. Novelli (2008) cites Poon (1993) defining ‘mass tourism like a large-scale sensation, packaging and selling standard leisure providers at set prices to a mass clientele” and procedes describe Niche tourism being a " particular product focused on meet the needs of a specific audience/market segment” and bringing out ‘The Explorer' and ‘The Drifter' (Appendix 1). However , social polarisation as a result of salary inequality may well limit the audience base in a position to benefit from this kind of.

The latest developments have observed the...

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