Computer Principles Essay

Section 5 Research Questions (18. 0 points)

Answer every single question completely. Complete phrases are not important, but some concerns may require several sentence to resolve them totally.

Lesson 1 (5. 0 points)

1 ) What is a screen in a presentation called? (1. 0 points)


installment payments on your What data file extension perform Impress documents use? (1. 0 points)

open workplace

3. What else could you use to create a presentation quickly, without so that it is from scratch? (1. 0 points)


4. What is a move? (1. zero points)

the thingy that changes from slide to a new

5. When you're giving a presentation at work or institution, which type of transitions should you use? (1. 0 points)

simple types

Lesson 2 (5. zero points)

1 ) What is design? (1. 0 points)

the routine

2 . Exactly where can you look for see tiny versions of the slides within your presentation? (1. 0 points)

to the left

3. What is an outline? (1. 0 points)

this says what youre likely to talk about

4. How are formal outlines arranged? (1. zero points)


5. How are informal traces often arranged? (1. 0 points)


Lesson 3 (4. zero points)

1 . How can photos help a presentation? (1. 0 points)

to see what is going on together with your life

2 . List by least 2 things you would use in a citation for an image. (1. 0 points)

regarding the presentation and an illustration

3. What file extension does a Draw file use? (1. 0 points)

open up office

4. What image format is wonderful for large, complex images? (1. 0 points)

the formatting that is used pertaining to large complex images

Lesson 4 (4. 0 points)

1 . Precisely what is an mouth presentation? (1. 0 points)

when you speak a display

2 . Ahead of you plan for a presentation, what do you should figure out? (1. 0 points)

what youre gonna talk about

3. List at least two ways you may engage the group. (2. zero points)

funny and food


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