Essay about Chalk Out of Seashells

CHAPTER I actually


A. Background of the Study

More people used to accumulate seashells pertaining to fun and to get past time. They made accessories, jewelries

And even equipment for a doll out of it. But don't you be aware that aside from those ideas;

Seashell can also make into a much valuable thing. Were aware that education is the most

Powerful essential for us to achieve success. And to support this, we want some features and materials for all of us

to make it easier and sharper. Of course, we know that we curently have some up-to-date

Equipments, but still, for those impossible countries and those who also want to become sent in university,

Even a worst facility matters. We already have whiteboards that only require markers and projectors

As the most refreshed. But still, the foundation of those is merely a simple blackboard and a piece of

Chalk. Therefore , we, the researchers, produced some trials and errors coming from different unprocessed trash to be

Made into a much more durable chalk. Until to that moment that we have agreed and succeed in one ofOur trials, to make a chalk out of seashells.

B. Statement with the Problem

The price of almost all released or local products consistently increasing. And this is a

Big aspect to be looked at in schooling. Some of the schools don't have enough support by

Authorities and this factor brings issues for us students.

C. Value of the Study

This examine opens other ways for us visitors to be able to conserve and make chalks that may be much

Durable with long-lasting make use of that will experience our examine. The study was conducted since A remedy for the common problem of spending much in. Plus it helps us to gain money when

You make this kind of as your business affair. We could also make a lot of raw materials that people thought to

Be useless, transformed into a much useful and increased thing.


1 . ) Seashells – is a hard,  rigid exterior layer, which has evolved in a very...


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