Essay on Cardiovascular System


1 . List the internal organs that create the heart and go over the general functions of this system.

2 . Illustrate the location, size, and orientation of the human heart.

3. Define the term cardiology.

4. Identify the framework of the center in terms of their coverings, tiers, chambers, valves, and veins.

5. Name the function of serous fluid surrounding the heart.

6. Give one other name for epicardium.

7. Describe the structure and function of the interventricular septum.

almost eight. Explain so why the atria are unaggressive chambers, even though the ventricles happen to be active.

9. Name the function of heart regulators.

10. Distinguish between AV and SL valves in terms of position, structure, and when they close.

11. Define/describe the conditions chordae tendineae, papillary muscles, and trabeculae carneae.

doze. Name (and locate) the veins that deposit their blood in to the atria of the heart (which atria? deox- or oxygenated? ).

13. Name (and locate) the arteries that take blood away from the cardiovascular system (from which usually ventricle? deox-or oxygenated blood vessels? ).

18. Distinguish between pulmonary, coronary and systemic circulation.

15. Monitor a drop of blood through the following circulations:

a. heart/ lungs/ heart;

w. through myocardium;

c. towards the body (in general).

sixteen. Define the terms ischemia and hypoxia, and make clear how they happen to be related to the pathologic conditions of halsbet?ndelse pectoris and myocardial infarction.

17. Talk about what causes reperfusion damage.

18. Explain the value of each element of the heart conduction system and find how the cardiac impulse travels through the myocardium.

19. Term the common term for the sinoatrial (SA) node.

twenty. Discuss the physiological levels of heart failure muscle contraction and search for how they display on graph conspiring mV or time.

twenty-one. Explain how come the refractory period among cardiac muscles contractions is very long.

twenty-two. Trace a normal ECG and label every single wave or complex and explain what event in the CCS corresponds to each wave.

23. Identity the term discussing all of the incidents associated with 1 heartbeat.

24. Define the conditions systole and diastole.

twenty-five. Outline the phases in the cardiac cycle in terms of what is happening in the ECG trace, physical events (contraction or relaxation), atrial pressure, ventricular pressure, ventricular volume level, aortic pressure and time.

26. Go over heart appears in terms of the actual represent, how they sound, how they are recognized and their relevance.

27. Establish the conditions cardiac output (CO), heartrate (HR), and stroke volume level (SV).

twenty-eight. Discuss the factors that regulate heartrate.

29. Explain what is meant by the human being cardiovascular system becoming a " sealed system".

30. Define the definition of hemodynamics.

31. Compare the 3 types of arteries in terms of the following:

a. path of blood-flow (in terms of the heart),

b. wall framework (# of layers and components of all those layers), c. gas concentrations and

d. pressure.

32. Establish the term anastomoses.

33. Illustrate how arterioles play a major role in regulating blood flow to capillaries.

34. Go over the major celebration that occurs at capillaries.

thirty five. Compare and contrast continuous, fenestrated and sinusoidal capillary vessels in terms of structure and location.

thirty-six. Define the terms blood circulation and blood circulation time and supply the value from the normal blood circulation time in a resting mature.

37. Go over the elements that have an effect on cardiac result.

38. Establish the term stress, name the type of blood vessels exactly where blood pressure is definitely significant, and name the regular (average) worth in a sleeping adult.

39. Define the definition of blood resistance and talk about the three significant factors that determine it.

40. Clarify the processes through which materials are exchanged through a capillary.

forty one. Locate the neural cardiovascular system center on a mid-sagittal picture of the head, explain in which impulses sent to it will be first...


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