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The Faculty with the Graduate Institution

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of the Requirements for their education

Master in Business Administration



May 7, 2014

Acceptance Sheet

Because marketing prepare advisor, We hereby certify that I include read and evaluated this kind of project paper prepared, beneath my advice. I recommend it should be submitted as a need in Promoting Management MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION 206.


Doctor Rommel 3rd there’s r. Mansueto


Certificate of Originality

I hereby announce that this submitting is my very own work for the best of my personal knowledge and belief, and this it contains simply no material previously published or written by another individual, nor material which into a substantial magnitude has been accepted for being any other degree or diploma or degree at OLFU or any additional educational company. I as well declare the intellectual articles of this conventional paper is the product of my own, personal work, except to the degree that the help of others in the project's design and style and getting pregnant or in style, presentation and linguistic phrase is identified.

Gerard Eileen V. Caoleng



This job paper will not have been feasible without the long lasting love and support by family. I would like to dedicate my project paper to my kid James Eileen and my own lifetime spouse Gilrose Alfonso.

I would like expressing my greatest thanks to my personal professor, Doctor Rommel R. Mansueto, whom guided myself in making this kind of project. He not only supplies me perceptive advice although also shows me how to approach the information.



Chapter you The Problem and Its Background


Statement from the Problem


Significance from the Study

Opportunity and Delimitation

Definition of Conditions

Chapter two Review of Related Literature

Overseas Literature and Studies

Neighborhood Literature and Studies

Section 3 Research Methodology

Exploration Design and Methods

Parameters and Measures/Concepts and Signals

Research Devices

Unit of research

Chapter 1


Betis' Best, is actually a meat item business in Pampanga that caters several meat goods, including hotdogs, tocino, embotido, ham, burger patties and longaniza to the people of Pampanga. The business is usually owned simply by Mr. Enrico Songco Guilas. Betis'Best, earlier known as known as Di sini. Ing Meats Product was initially established in September 40, 2007 at St . Jude Village, Associated with San Fernando, Pampanga. Later on the company was named Betis'Best after their hometown of Betis, Bus, Pampanga.

The business enterprise started with only half a dozen employees. In its pioneering stage it crafted meat product lines including Macao longaniza, entredos and types of hotdogs. During its beginning operations, the company failed to fulfill its goals as to potential because the manufacturer " Di sini. Ing Various meats Product” can be not attractive to the market. To add more the distribution tactics were limited since the organization relied only in one outlet store, word of mouth and house to house selling by using their neighbours.

The business businesses in January 2008 with a brand new name having 35 staff as – Betis' Greatest. AS a new business in the market, Betis'


Best offered additional products including hams, tocinos, burger patties, and engaged to several distributors who also hand help the company to offer its products.

Finally in January 2009, even though the company is usually meeting the growing needs of the industry, the company relocates to San Agustin, House Carmela Betis, Guagua Pampanga which started to be the official residence of the company.

Chapter two

Strategic marketing planning procedure and execution of the company

Vision Affirmation Analysis

Betis' Best anticipate being a top quality meat control company that may render top quality...


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