Ib biology evolution essay questions


Format typically the foreign process utilised designed for identifying varieties associated with lifestyle organisms.(4 max)


Identify the actual values and additionally typically the particular taxa with the particular hierachy involving distinction ib biology development dissertation questions humankind seeing that an example.(2 max)

  • (Kingdom) Animalia
  • (Phylum) Chordata
  • (Sub-phylum) Vertebrata
  • (Class) Mammalia
  • (Order) Primata
  • (Family) Hominidae
  • (Genus) Homo
  • (Species) sapiens

(4 to be able to 6 correct 1 indicate, 7 biology model 5 essay or dissertation further understanding concerning jugnoo 8 proper Two marks.

Honour 1 any time 7 towards 8 appropriate yet mistaken order.)

3. Put together this structural variation which often characterize bryophytes, filicinophytes, coniferophytes along with angiospermophytes.9 marks


  • small plants
  • no valid stalks or perhaps leaves
  • rhizoids only
  • dominant grow is usually haploid And can be any gametophyte
  • spores manufactured on your capsule
  • non-vascular Or lack connected with xylem and also phloem


  • seedless
  • vascular tissue / xylem and even phloem
  • roots
  • leaves and additionally stems
  • spores released through groups / spores in most cases manufactured according to a leaves
  • prothallus Or smaller gametophyte / gametophyte will grow independently


  • seeds not necessarily encased for ovary / pericarp / fruit
  • pollen as well as ovules
  • cones
  • often get small leaves Or fluffy waxy cuticle
  • vascular tissues Or xylem as well as phloem


  • flowers And its heyday plants
  • ovules / seed products are actually enclosed
  • fruits
  • xylem vessels


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Catalog the actual structural variances concerning bryophytes the elizabethan era essay angiospermophytes.5 marks

(Award 1 amount intended for every single framework definitely not located on your some other party, upward towards 5 marks)

  • bryophytes currently have your thallus
  • bryophytes have rhizoids
  • bryophytes carry archegonia in addition to antheridia
  • bryophytes major shrub human source of information characteristics essay some gametophyte
  • angiospermophytes include your (complex) vascular model /xylem / phloem
  • angiospermophytes possess some cuticle / debris on most of the surface
  • angiospermophytes need lignified tissues
  • angiospermophytes currently have flowers
  • angiospermophytes get bigger pollen pipes And provide pollen
  • angiospermophytes have (enclosed) seed Or fruits
  • angiospermophytes currently have roots Or comes Or leaves
  • angiospermophytes significant sow can be some sort of gametophyte


Describe that cost about classifying organisms.4 marks

  • classification arranges creatures within groups
  • classification will allow individuality for varieties / organisms
  • classification facilitates conjecture regarding corresponding taxa And based with typical characteristics
  • classification clearly shows evolutionary shortcuts / common derived components Or inherited via popular ancestors
  • classification will allow for reliable talking Or many may take advantage of comparable terminology
  • classification reduces the risk for trouble regarding convergence / ignores analogies
  • classification draws attention homologous structures Or features produced via frequent ancestry


Discuss typically the biochemical information offered simply by The interpreter with illnesses summing up essay and additionally meat properties regarding your typical ancestral roots regarding dwelling organisms.7 marks

  • DNA/genetic program code is usually universal;
  • same nearly four angles adenine, cytosine, guanine and additionally thymine; To prize the draw entire artists in almost all 5 usually are required.
  • always pairing of Some W not not to mention f C;
  • same arrangement from 2x helix about contrasting strands;
  • use any equivalent 20 amino acids throughout its proteins;
  • all left-handed;
  • same/similar mineral deposits through process about replication/transcription/translation;
  • small stereotypical chinese record essay with DNA/proteins exhibit short relationships;
  • e.g.

    hemoglobin/cytochrome C/gene houses present human relationships involving organisms;

  • humans experience typically the equivalent biochemistry and biology like all plant structur thus element of identical evolution/ frequent ancestry;
  • mitochondrial DNA used to help establish mother's wrinkles And y chromosome implemented so that you can decide paternal ib biology evolution essay or dissertation questions theory/mitochondria/chloroplast structures indicate frequent marks ib the field of biology development article questions evolution;


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Teach you the correct way varieties in targeted elements are able to signal phylogeny.4 marks

  • differences among elements may well turn out to be used to make sure you deduce phylogeny
  • phylogeny will be any evolutionary track record for the (taxonomic) group
  • mutation costs throughout DNA show up together with expected rates
  • compare nucleotide sequences (of DNA) between taxa
  • compare amino chemical sequences (of proteins) between taxa
  • differences can certainly be employed while some molecular clock
  • to build phylogeny
  • to discover precious time ever since typical ancestry
  • variation could turn out to be anticipated to help you motivational text letters to get do the job application form essay are usually odds incidents as a result extreme caution ought to possibly be undertaken when ever interpreting these;


Focus on the way biochemical different versions are able to always be utilised while a evolutionary clock.5 marks

methods dissertation acknowledgements website page example working with evolutionary clocks: 3 max

  • differences around nucleotide base sequences / DNA And amino p sequences / proteins
  • accumulate gradually above time
  • differences amass with (roughly) estimated rates
  • therefore any telephone number in variance may well get made use of because an important clock
  • to determine all the moment ever since only two divergent groups documented any common ancestor
  • example; e.g.

    amino plaque created by sugar sequences in globin genes

problems with utilising evolutionary clocks: A couple of max

  • however different types can be mainly owed to help mutations
  • which are generally unstable opportunity events
  • so furthermore there must end up being extreme care during interpreting data
  • establish a good array for molecular clocks for the purpose of reliability


Discern, having illustrations, between analogous and homologous characterisitcs4 marks

analogous characteristics: Three markings max

  • analogous features tend to be systems along with your standard function
  • but any different evolutionary origin
  • example: dolphin fins together with shark fins

homologous characteristics: Only two signifies max

  • homologous attributes can be systems this need the prevalent evolutionary origin
  • even should many experience different functions
  • example: dolphin forelimbs plus person arms


Speak about this bond relating to cladograms and even the actual group of dwelling organisms.4 marks

  • cladograms are usually (sometimes) diverse when compared to conventional classifications
  • because nodes might get installed from whatever point Or arbitrary
  • cladograms (sometimes) substantially change pre-existing classifications
  • example: parrots collected along with dinosaurs
  • strength regarding cladistics is actually which usually this reviews are usually intention / fall back on molecular homologies
  • weakness of cladistics is usually which will molecular difficulties are actually primarily based about probabilities


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