A Squib on Syntactic Pivots in Tagalog Dissertation

1st Term AY 2012-2013: Linguistics 190

Linguistics one hundred ninety

Inter-clausal and Intra-clausal Syntax:

Clausal backlinks patterns in Tagalog

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1st Session AY 2012-2013: Linguistics one hundred ninety


Clausal linking habits in Tagalog

Eishrine Mei M. Bien-aimee


This kind of paper explores the backlinks pattern of the core quarrels across the condition in Tagalog. It has been discovered that even if Tagalog, a morphologically ergative language, also exhibits a great accusative task behavior. Also this is the case in Cebuano. Much like in other ergative languages, the Ss as are still even more topical compared to the Os. Because of this there can be more S and A links than U links.

Different languages have various strategies for addressing syntax of clause combining. One of these techniques is through syntactic pivots. Many 'languages' tend to put restrictions within the syntactic combining of nature. This is permitted by the three syntactic capabilities: S, A, or U. OBL, however serves as the peripheral argument. According to Dixon (1994), there are two sorts of syntactic pivot: (1) S-> A pivot and; (2) S-> O pivot. In (1), the coreferential NP should be derived from H or A in each of the nature being merged. In (2), the coreferential NP should be derived from T or To in each of the clauses getting combined. To contrast S-> A revolves and S-> O pivot, Dixon offered two different languages showing site respectively. (a) [MotherA saw fatherO] and [ 0S returned] (b) [ngumaO yabu-nguA buran] [0S banagany u] Father+ABS mother-ERG saw returned Mother observed father and he went back


initial Semester AY 2012-2013: Linguistics 190

In (a) and (b), we certainly have what we call a zero anaphora which presents the omitted subject from the intransitive action-word. An example of a great S-> A hyperlink can be seen in a language operating in an S-> A revolves like English. The link has been demonstrated in (a). Users of The english language will only delete the S i9000 NP inside the 2nd terms if and only if it is coreferential with a great S/A NP in the 1st clause. The hearer will certainly understand that the deleted NP is the mom which is the subject of returned. However , if the speaker wants to present that the father is the subject of the intransitive verb, this individual should have produced the phrase like this rather: Mother observed father and he went back. He should have inserted a pronoun this individual. On the other hand, Dyirbal works within an S-> To pivot procedure. Just reversing the operation in British, in Dyirbal, an T NP can simply be omitted if it is coreferential with a great S/O in the preceding offer. S/A pivots usually occur with morphologically accusative different languages. In ergative languages it will always be S/O pivots. However , Tanangkinsing found out that Cebuano a morphologically ergative language, appears to have an accusative discourse actions. This is also what has been seen in Tagalog. There is a higher percentage of S/A linking than S/O connecting which makes Tagalog a morphologically ergative terminology which seems to have an accusative discourse behavior and was also noticed in Cebuano. To check into the rotates in Tagalog, doing guide tracking was found to get necessary. Reference point tracking while defined simply by Van Valin and Foley: Reference tracking is one of the most important functions of language, and languages use a limited plethora of possibilities in development referents. You will discover three visible ways of traffic monitoring referents: lexicalization, pronominalization and zero anaphora. The forms that quarrels or individuals take have been found to become motivated by such discourse notions, just like topicality, information status, person hierarchy and animacy. Many papers demonstrate how referents are monitored and provided formal appearance. In reference tracking, it is a must that we obtain the syntactic functions of the arguments (S, A, To, or OBL). OBL is roofed because it presents new info. In past studies of Nagaya, Concubina, et. 's, it was noticed that OBL has the high probability of introducing fresh information once...

References: Dixon, R. (1994). Ergativity. Cambridge: Cambridge College or university Press. Nagaya, N. (2006). Preferred referential expressions in Tagalog. Tokyo University Linguistic Papers (TULIP), 83-106. Tanangkinsing, M. (2009). A Functional Reference Grammar of Cebuano. Taiwan: Lambert Academic



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